Citra Talugmai

Citra Talugmai

Citra Talugmai is the sister of vaas montenegro and he is the main villain of Far Cry 3. Citra Talugmai Birth in 1983, in Rook Islands. Citra Talugmai is 29 years old. Citra Talugmai is a member of the Rakyat tribe and the leader of the Medusa, a group of warrior priestesses on the Rook Islands. Citra Talugmaiis the daughter of the Rakyat tribe's leader, Dennis Rogers. 3.41 square miles make up the Far Cry 3 game map. Kevin Guillemette, Jamie Keen, and Andrea Zanini are the game designers behind Far Cry 3. The video game Far Cry 3 was launched on November 29, 2012. The plot of Far Cry 3 In 2012, Vaas Montenegro was 28 years old. Cédric Decelle is the Far Cry 3 game programmer. Brian Tyler is the composer for the Far Cry 3 game. Far Cry 3 is the third main installment in the Far Cry franchise.  Far Cry 3 has two possible endings. Far Cry 3 has 11 vehicles. Far Cry 3 has 38 missions. The main villain of Far Cry 3 is Vaas Montenegro. Far Cry 3's artist is Jean-Alexis Doyon. The main character of Far Cry 3 is Jason Brody. Far Cry 3 gameplay is mostly focused on combat and exploration. The best sniper in the Far Cry 3 game is the Z93 sniper. Vaas Montenegro's boss from Far Cry 3 is Hoyt Volker and Citra Talugmai is his sister. The main characters of the game Far Cry 3 are Jason Brody and Vaas Montenegro.


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