Vaas Montenegro

Far cry 3 is a first-person shooter game. it was released on  November 29, 2012. farcry 3 main character is Jason Brody. farcry 3 2nd villain is Vaas Montenegro. he is 28 years old. Vaas Montenegro most popular villain of the farcry series. far cry 3 Vaas Montenegro was born in 1984. Vaas Montenegro's sister is Citra. farcry 3 was developed by Ubisoft Montreal. far cry 3 has 38 missions. farcry 3 map size 3.41 square miles. Jason brody's age is 25 years old.  

far cry 3 storage size is 15GB. far cry 3 has 2 endings. Who is Vaas Montenegro based on? Michael Mando is a Canadian actor. Was Vaas the good guy? Vaas is 2nd villain of the far cry 3 game and he is the bad guy. Is Vaas Montenegro Hispanic? Yes, Vaas and Citra are Hispanic. What race is Vaas Montenegro? Rakyat. Is Vaas Montenegro a psychopath? I think Vaas is mentally unstable. Who is the best Far Cry villain? Vaas Montenegro

Is Joseph Seed a good guy? joseph seed is the villain of far cry 5 and he is the bad guy. Which Far Cry has the best story? far cry 3 has the best story. Is Vaas in Far Cry 6? No, Vaas Montenegro has not in far cry 6. Which Far Cry game has the biggest map? Far cry 6. Is Far Cry 3 the best game ever? far cry 3 is the best story gameplay of the far cry series. What is the longest Far Cry game? Far cry 2. Is Far Cry 3 boring? no far cry 3 has not been boring. Is Far Cry open-world? far cry is open-world game series.


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