Grand Theft Auto 5 Cheats and Secrets

Grand Theft Auto 5 Cheats and Secrets

Grand Theft Auto 5 game cheats can use on PS3, PS4, PS5Xbox 360Xbox One, and PC. GTA V's full name is Grand Theft Auto V . which lets you unlock weapons, vehicles, invincibility, and more. when you know what buttons to press. With what's below, you can become more powerful or create utter chaos. you won't find any actual GTA v game money cheats here. we cover the specifics of GTA 5 cash in a separate guide. GTA 5 game cheats unlock things like weapons and ammo, cars, and other gear to help you progress or have fun on GTA 5Using any GTA 5 cheats will disable trophies and achievements. you can't use these towards getting anything. It'll also be best to quit and restart the GTA game to make sure the cheats are gone if you do want to try and earn anything. To be safe generally, make sure you save your GTA V game before you use any of these codes. in case anything goes wrong. It's unlikely, but you don't want to mess up a save you've been GTA V playing for hours, if not years.  we'll cover how to enter and use GTA v cheats and, so you know. you can also deactivate any code effects by re-entering it a second time. You can watch GTA V gameplay videos on INTER youtube channelGrand Theft Auto 5, or GTA 5, is a popular game that was released in 2013. Despite its age, GTA 5 has a large fan base that spans numerous platforms. GTA 5 allows you to employ cheats to obtain god-like abilities, just like the earlier GTA games. There's a long list of GTA 5 cheat codes you may use to improve your gameplay and cause havoc. The action-packed adventure game will be available on PC, PS5, PS4, PS3, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. We'll look over GTA 5 hacks for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox in this article, as well as how to utilize them. Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most popular video games of all time, with over 100 million copies sold worldwide. It's also easy to see why.  Rockstar's iconic sandbox genre has always drawn enormous audiences, and GTA 5  which is difficult to say given that it was launched seven years ago is no exception. The sandbox has never looked or felt as wonderful as it does Rockstar now. Although GTA 5 is bigger and better than its predecessors, Rockstar hasn't lost sight of what makes the franchise so enjoyable. Cheat codes are one of them. For years, cheat codes have been a staple of the Grand Theft Auto series. Cheat codes may do everything from creating a few vehicles to filling your rifle with fiery rounds in Grand Theft Auto 5. where you can tweak the settings of the sandbox you're playing in These GTA 5 cheats and secrets will work on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC (they should work on PS5).

GTA 5 PC Cheats

  • Super Jump HOTPOINT
  • Flaming Bullets INCENDIARY
  • Explosive Melee Attack HOTHANDS
  • Explosive Bullet (Bang Bang) HIGHER
  • Give Parachute SKYDIVE
  • Moon Gravity FLOATER
  • Drunk Mode LIQUOR
  • Recharge Ability POWERUP
  • Slow Motion
  • Enter 3 times for full effect SLOWMO
  • Skyfall Launches you into the sky SKYFALL
  • Spawn BMX BANDIT
  • Spawn Comet COMET
  • Spawn PCJ-600 Motorcycle ROCKET
  • Spawn Sanchez Dirt Bike OFFROAD
  • Spawn Rapid GT RAPIDGT
  • Spawn Limo VINEWOOD
  • Spawn Trashmaster TRASHED
  • Spawn Buzzard Attack Helicopter BUZZ OFF
  • Spawn Stunt Plane BARNSTORM
  • Slow Motion Aiming Enter 3 times DEADEYE
  • Invincibility PAINKILLER
  • Slow Down Gameplay SLOWMO
  • Max Health & Armor TURTLE
  • Fast Run CATCHME
  • Fast Swim GOTGILLS
  • Raise Wanted Level FUGITIVE
  • Lower Wanted Level LAWYERUP
  • Change Weather MAKEITRAIN
  • Slippery Cars Drifting SNOWDAY

GTA 5 Cheats for PS3, PS4, and PS5

  • Max Health and Armor CIRCLE, L1, TRIANGLE, R2, X, SQUARE, CIRCLE, RIGHT, SQUARE, L1, L1, L1
  • Give Weapons Sawed-Off Shotgun, RPG, Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle, SMG, Pistol, Grenade, and Knife TRIANGLE, R2, LEFT, L1, X, RIGHT,  TRIANGLE, DOWN, SQUARE, L1, L1, L1
  • Moon gravity LEFT, LEFT, L1, R1, L1, RIGHT, LEFT, L1, LEFT
  • Raise Wanted Level R1, R1, CIRCLE, R2, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT,  RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT
  • Lower Wanted Level R1, R1, CIRCLE, R2, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT,  LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT
  • Recharge Ability X, X, SQUARE, R1, L1, X, RIGHT, LEFT, X
  • Give Parachute LEFT, RIGHT, L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, L1
  • Skyfall L1, L2, R1, R2, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, L1, L2, R1, R2, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT
  • Explosive Melee Attacks RIGHT, LEFT, X, TRIANGLE, R1, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, L2
  • Bang Bang (Explosive Bullets) RIGHT, SQUARE, X, LEFT, R1, R2, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, L1, L1, L1
  • Flaming Bullets L1, R1, SQUARE, R1, LEFT, R2, R1, LEFT, SQUARE, RIGHT, L1, L1
  • Slow Motion Aim SQUARE, L2, R1, TRIANGLE, LEFT, SQUARE, L2, RIGHT, X
  • Change Weather R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, SQUARE
  • Slidey Cars TRIANGLE, R1, R1, LEFT, R1, L1, R2, L1
  • Spawn Comet R1, CIRCLE, R2, RIGHT, L1, L2, X, X, SQUARE, R1
  • Spawn Sanchez CIRCLE, X, L1, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, L1 , CIRCLE, R1, R2, L2, L1, L1
  • Spawn Trashmaster CIRCLE, R1, CIRCLE, R1, LEFT,  LEFT, R1, L1, CIRCLE, RIGHT
  • Spawn Limo R2, RIGHT, L2, LEFT, LEFT, R1, L1, CIRCLE, RIGHT
  • Spawn Stunt Plane CIRCLE, RIGHT, L1, L2, LEFT, R1,  L1, L1, LEFT, LEFT, X, TRIANGLE
  • Spawn Caddy CIRCLE, L1, LEFT, R1, L2, X, R1, L1,  CIRCLE, X
  • Spawn Rapid GT R2, L1, CIRCLE, RIGHT, L1, R1, RIGHT, LEFT, CIRCLE, R2
  • Spawn Duster RIGHT, LEFT, R1, R1, R1, LEFT, TRIANGLE,  TRIANGLE, X, CIRCLE, L1, L1
  • Spawn PCJ-600 Motorcycle R1, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, R2,  LEFT, RIGHT, SQUARE, RIGHT, L2, L1, L1

GTA 5 Cheats for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Xbox 360

  • Moon Gravity                          LEFT, LEFT,LB, RB, LB, RIGHT, LEFT, LB, LEFT
  • Max Health and Armor               B, LB, Y, RT, A, X, B, RIGHT, X, LB, LB, LB
  • Give Weapons: Sawed-Off Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle, SMG, Pistol, Grenade, RPG, and Knife Y, RT, LEFT, LB, A, RIGHT, Y, DOWN, X,LB, LB, LB
  • Super Jump                LEFT, LEFT, Y, Y, RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, X, RB, RT
  • Invincibility                RIGHT, A, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, RB, RIGHT, LEFT, A, Y
  • Raise Wanted Level   RB, RB, B, RT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT
  • Lower Wanted Level    RB, RB, B, RT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT
  • Fast Run
  • Recharge Ability              Y, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, LT, LB, X
  • Fast Swim                       LEFT LEFT LB RIGHT RIGHT RT LEFT LT RIGHT
  • Recharge Ability
  • Fast Run                                  A, A, X, RB, LB, A, RIGHT, LEFT, A
  • Give Parachute                             LEFT, RIGHT, LB, LT, RB, RT, RT, LEFT, LEFT,  RIGHT, LB
  • Skyfall (Spawn in the sky) LB, LT, RB, RT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LB, LT,  RB, RT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT
  • Explosive Melee Attacks RIGHT, LEFT, A, Y, RB, B, B, B, LT
  • Bang Bang (Explosive Bullets) RIGHT, X, A, Left, RB, RT, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, LB, LB, LB
  • Flaming Bullets                              LB, RB, X, RB, LEFT, RT, RB, LEFT, X, RIGHT, LB, LB
  • Slow Motion Aim               X, LT, RB, Y, LEFT, X, LT, RIGHT, A
  • Drunk Mode                            Y, RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, X, B, LEFT
  • Change Weather            RT, A, LB, LB, LT, LT, LT, X
  • Slidey Cars                           Y, RB, RB, LEFT, RB, LB, RT, LB
  • Slow Motion                          A, A, X, RB, LB, A, RIGHT, LEFT, A
  • Spawn Buzzard Attack Helicopter B, B, LB, B, B, B, LB, LT, RB, Y, B, Y
  • Spawn Comet                     RB, B, RT, RIGHT, LB, LT, A, A, X, RB
  • Spawn Sanchez                    B, A, LB, B, B, LB, B, RB, RT, LT, LB, LB
  • Spawn Trashmaster      B, RB, B, RB, LEFT, LEFT, RB, LB, B, RIGHT
  • Spawn Limo                     RT, RIGHT, LT, LEFT, LEFT, RB, LB, B, RIGHT
  • Spawn Stunt Plane        B, RIGHT, LB, LT, LEFT, RB, LB, LB, LEFT, LEFT, A, Y
  • Spawn Caddy                        B, LB, LEFT, RB, LT, A, RB, LB, B, A
  • Spawn Rapid GT          RT, LB, B, RIGHT, LB, RB, RIGHT, LEFT, B, RT
  • Spawn Duster                          RIGHT, LEFT, RB, RB, RB, LEFT, Y, Y, A, B, LB, LB
  • Spawn PCJ-600 Motorcycle     RB, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, RT, LEFT, RIGHT, X, Right, LT, LB, LB
  • Spawn BMX                            LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, X, B, Y, RB, RT

Random Events and money-making secret GTA Cheat codes have been a mainstay of the Grand Theft Auto series for years. From spawning more vehicles to loading your gun with flaming bullets, cheat codes turn Grand Theft Auto 5 into a fantastic game, where you can control the parameters of the GTA you’re playing in.  if you’re on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, or PC, these Grand Theft Auto 5 cheats and secrets will work (these work on PS5 and Xbox Series X, too grand Theft Auto 5 PC Cheats

People also ask

  • Is there a GTA 5 money cheat? No, there is no money cheat for GTA 5 single game.
  • Is there a girlfriend cheat in GTA 5? Go to a GTA V strip club in the game and buy a private girl dance.
  • What are some GTA 5 cheats?
  1. Super Jump HOTPOINT
  2. Flaming Bullets INCENDIARY
  3. Explosive Melee Attack HOTHANDS
  4. Explosive Bullet (Bang Bang) HIGHER
  • Is there a secret cave in GTA 5? The Tongva Valley in Grand Theft Auto 5.
  • Where is the hidden mine in GTA V ? Great Chaparral.
  • How do you attract girls in GTA 5? Go to the GTA Vanilla Unicorn strip club.
  • How can you be a cop on GTA 5? Head over to the Rockstar GTA Editor and select the Director Mode
  • What is the fastest car in GTA 5? Ocelot Paria


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